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What is Animsquad?

Our goal at AnimSquad is simple: to offer the most hands-on character animation tutoring experience. Twelve weeks of tough animation love! No tip toeing around, we mean business. Our workshops are one-on-one and the majority of our tutors are Disney (supervising) animators who worked on Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled, Big Hero 6, etc. If you wish to rewatch the critiques/meetings, you can because everything is HD recorded and can be watched from any device.

We offer online workshops in which we emulate the kind of interaction professional animators get when they show their work to directors and supervisors. We thrive on a nurturing group dynamic. We feel that is the most effective way of getting your animation reel to a competitive level.

Feature quality rigs

Disney animators teaching

Low cost workshops

Keep rigs after workshop

Lifetime access lectures

Small class sizes

Check out this clip to see how we do things at Animsquad. Once a week the tutor meets with the class for 3 hours and critiques the students work-in-progress. Each critique is tailored to what the shot needs. For example in this case the tutor Marlon Nowe felt it was important to open up the student's Maya file so he could tweak the pose inside Maya. We allow students to upload a Maya file live during the meeting and the tutor in return can save the file and kick it back to the student.

This clip is a good example how a tutor, in this case Malcon Pierce, uses drawing to illustrate how to push poses. This method is very effective since it's quick and clear. Sometimes it's much easier just to draw the pose, rather than opening Maya and pushing around the rig. It also shows how every Animsquad tutor has his/her own way of teaching animation. Some tutors focus more on the acting and clarity of the performance. Other tutors are more about the appeal and flow of the poses.

Besides critiquing shots, the tutor might take the time to demo a certain workflow -- the lecture topic is usually driven by what the class wants to see. Sometimes the tutor decides a certain topic might be helpful to advance the curriculum. This clip shows how Michael Woodside opens the student's Maya file and demo's using the graph editor -- it's a very effective way of teaching what to do and more importantly: what not to do! Every meeting/lecture is HD recorded.