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2D Traditional Animation


Would you like to master the wonderful skill of traditional drawn animation or learn how to prep your 3D shot with a solid 2D exploration pass? Sign up for our 2D Traditional Animation workshop with Disney master animator Andrew Chesworth. In our experience well-rounded animators who can do both 2D and 3D, perform very well in a studio environment. So sharpen your 2D skills during this hands-on 12 week online workshop. Whether it's simple bouncing ball assignments, fun and entertaining walk cycles or dialog shots, you can learn it all during this workshop. You decide what kind of assignments you want to tackle and Andrew will mentor you along the way. Sign up now and dive into the wonderful world of 2D animation!

Software: we recommend checking out this website (click here) to pick an appropriate software OR you can go old school and use animation paper with a peg. All you need to bring to the meeting is a Quicktime clip of your latest animation.


$899 plus Paypal Fee

12 weeks

All levels welcome -- anyone can sign up.

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SUMMER TERM 2017 ONLINE / 6 out 10 spots left

Tutor: Andrew Chesworth (TUE 7pm to 10pm PACIFIC -- July 17th until October 2nd 2017)
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  • Andrew Chesworth 60%