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Beginner Animation II


The goal is to get you up to build on top of the fundamentals of animation. At this point you have a grasp of Maya and 12 Principles Of Animation. The idea is to collaborate with your tutor in brainstorming ideas and goals. We will go through how to animate rigs in Maya. We’ll start slow with animating fun pantomime shots with our robot rig ED-405 experiencing happy, sad or excited emotions. Once you get the hang of that we will turn it up a notch and start exploring full body poses and the impact of body language. Once you feel comfortable handling a full body character rig, you will animate a series of short , simple assignments in which a character will experience different emotions. During the last four weeks you’ll animate a single, more complicated shot in which a character walks in and changes from one emotion to another. The goal is to get you really good at animating simple pantomime performances!

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Tuition Fee

$1199 plus Paypal Fee

12 Weeks

Simple knowledge of Maya and Principles Of Animation
Available Rigs

All Rigs

Available Terms

SPRING TERM 2017 ONLINE / 1 spots of 10 left

Tutors: Frank Abney (MON 7pm to 10pm)

Dates: April 17th 2017 through July 3rd 2017
SUMMER TERM 2017 ONLINE / 7 out of 10 spots left

Tutors: Frank Abney (Sundays 7am to 10am Pacific)

Dates: July 17th 2017 through October 2nd 2017

Frank Demoreel: https://vimeo.com/frankabney
Availability per tutor (0% means workshop is full)
  • Frank Abney 10%
Availability per tutor (0% means workshop is full)
  • Frank Abney 70%