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Expert Animation


Want some kick ass acting shots on your demo reel? Then this workshop is for you! During the 12 week workshop we will tackle 2 or 3 dialogue shots. At the start of the term the tutor and student will establish expectations and goals. We at AnimSquad want to make absolutely sure the workshop is tailored to the students needs. We will focus on strong, clear acting performances. The tutor will teach you how to focus on the essence of the emotion and dialogue. How to avoid over acting and unappealing performances. This is the best hands-on tutoring you can get!

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Tuition Fee

$1399 plus Paypal Fee

12 Weeks

Intermediate Workshop Skill Set

Available Terms


SPRING TERM 2017 ONLINE / 16 spots of 30 left

Tutor: Marlon Nowe (Mon 9am to noon Pacific), Malcon Pierce (Tue 7:30pm to 10:30pm Pacific), Andrew Chesworth (Mon 8pm to 11pm)

Dates: April 17th 2017 through July 3rd 2017
Availability per tutor (0% means workshop is full)
  • Andrew Chesworth 0%
  • Daniel Peixe 0%
  • Marlon Nowe 0%
  • Alberto Abril 0%
Availability per tutor (0% means workshop is full)
  • Andrew Chesworth 50%
  • Malcon Pierce 50%
  • Marlon Nowe 60%