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Animation Polish


Would you like to take another crack at polishing any of your existing Animsquad shots or add a fresh shot to your reel? Then this workshop is for you! Your tutor will start by going over your existing shots and lay out a plan on how to improve the acting, mechanics or polish. He or she will give you a fresh perspective on what you've animated so far and make it even better! Or you can use all 6 weeks to embark on a new adventure and animate a fresh new shot!

Couple of ground rules: 1. you must have taken an Animsquad workshop before 2. you will receive no new rigs 3. you can only work on Animsquad shot(s), no shots/rigs from other schools 3. if you want to animate a new shot, you can only animate a shot that matches your last workshop level (so if you took an Intermediate workshop before, you can animate a shot that conforms with that workshop level -- check syllabi for assignment descriptions).

This workshop can not be combined with any promotion.

Tuition Fee


6 weeks

Must have taken an Animsquad workshop (Beginner, Intermediate or Expert)

SUMMER 2017 ONLINE / 10 spots our of 10 left

Tutor: Daniel Klug: Tue 8pm to 11pm PACIFIC

Dates: July 17th 2017 through September 2nd 2017
  • Daniel Klug 100%