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Characters and Tools

Animsquad is proud to present our feature animation quality rigs exclusive for Animsquad students. The rigs come with excellent IK/FK switching. Arms and legs are stretchy and have bend-bow's allowing you to sculpt them just the way you want them. The facial rig is a powerful cluster driven setup, which triggers appealing blend shapes making it easy to achieve appealing facial poses.

The rig is amazingly flexible and manipulating the controls is very intuitive. Animsquad offers an Animator Shelf containing handy buttons allowing quick key'ing, IK/FK switching, cycling through world, body and head space, resetting controls, etc. Our characters were designed, modeled and rigged by top industry professionals, proving we go to great lengths to provide our students with the absolute best! Our rigs come with a body and face picker tool, streamlining your workflow. An extensive library of face poses helps you keep the character on model and get through animating lip sync a lot quicker.

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