Master the wonderful skill of traditional drawn animation or learn how to prep your 3D shot with a solid 2D exploration pass. 

Sign up for our 2D Traditional Animation workshop with Disney legend Randy Haycock. In our experience, well-rounded animators, who can do both 2D and 3D, perform very well in a studio environment. Sharpen your 2D skills during this hands-on 12 week online workshop. Sign up now and dive into the wonderful world of 2D animation!

Tuition Fee: $999 (plus Paypal Fee)
Duration: 12 weeks
Requirements: this workshop is an intermediate/expert workshop. You need to demonstrate you master the fundamentals of 2D animation. Please click the Sign Up button (located top-right on this website) and fill out the application form. Your online 2D reel should contain work showing you can animate 2D walk cycles and master the principles of animation.

Software: We recommend checking out this website to pick an appropriate software OR you can go old school and use animation paper with a peg. All you need to bring to the meeting is a Quicktime clip of your latest animation. 

2020 SUMMER WORKSHOPS: June 11th - Aug 27th


Tutor: Randy Haycock
Day: Tuesday
Time: 7-9pm (PST)
Available Spots: 9

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