This is our absolute beginner workshop. Learn how to use Maya and get a solid grip on the principles of animation.

If you have never animated before and want to kick-start your animation career, this is the workshop for you. Twelve weeks of hands-on tutoring, by an industry professional, showing you all the animation tricks and getting you up to speed with Maya. The assignments start out with animating a simple ball rig; focusing on timing and spacing. After that, we start to tackle squash and stretch, overlap and drag, ease in and out, etc. By the end of the workshop you'll be a solid beginner animator!

Tuition Fee: $699 (plus Paypal Fee)
Duration: 12 weeks
Requirements: None. Anyone can sign up.
Available Rigs: Ball rig, Pendulum Rig, and ED-405 Robot 

2018 WINTER WORKSHOP: Dec 3 - Mar 4


Tutor: Ben Karr
Day: Mondays (no class 2 weeks due of Xmas break)
Time: 7-10pm (PST)
Available Spots: 10

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Workshop Critique Video: