Our rigs are amazingly flexible with intuitive manipulating controls.

Animsquad characters were designed, modeled and rigged by top industry professionals, allowing us to provide students with the absolute best. Our rigs come with excellent IK/FK switching; arms and legs are stretchy and have bend-bow's allowing you to sculpt them exactly as you want. An extensive library of face poses helps you keep the character on model and animate lip sync quickly.

Our Animator Shelf contains handy buttons allowing quick key'ing and IK/FK switching; cycling through world, body, head space, and resetting controls. Our rigs come with a body and face picker tool, streamlining your workflow. Get access to our wonderful family of characters and create awesome shots that will make your reel pop.

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Jack is a fun, appealing male character, designed by concept artist, Sean McNally, who did a great job with his design.



Jill was our first female character. She's a playful, appealing character - a la Rapunzel, from Tangled. She was designed by Sean McNally.




Mike’s is a good contrast to Jack; a bit more mature and bigger in build. We see him as a mix of Flynn Ryder and Hans from the movie Frozen. Available starting Fall 2017.

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Orc is our creature rig, allowing students to animate a character with more weight and power. It's also fun to see him animated as a very sensitive character!


Michelle has a sophisticated look. Malcon Pierce designed her and we love the way she looks with her big eyelashes and swooping hair.

ED-405 Robot

ED405 is our beginner rig. His design is inspired by Wall-E. He's easy to animate and allows students to focus on fundamentals.

IMPORTANT: All Animsquad rigs and tools are copyrighted to Animsquad, LLC and are property of Animsquad, LLC. It's NOT allowed to use to them at any other company and/or school, university, college, private tutor (paid or unpaid) and/or for any other educational purposes (online or in-person). By "rigs and tools" is meant the Jack Rig Maya file, Michelle Rig Maya file, Jill Rig Maya file, Orc rig Maya file, ED405 rig Maya file, Body and Facial Pickers and the ANIM SHELF file. The rigs and tools are NOT to be used for personal and/or monetary gain. Permission for ANY use of the Animsquad rigs and tools outside the school must be requested through email to "info@animsquad.com".