We take pride in keeping tuition costs low.


Three Expert Animation: $4199*

Take three Expert Workshops for: $4199.*
You save $298.

Become a master at animating clear, entertaining acting shots. Conquer that last, elusive "top 10%" of the animation skill set. Learn how to put an uber-polish on everything.


Beginner Animation II, Intermediate Animation, and Expert Animation: $3899*

Take the Beginner Animation II, Intermediate Animation and Expert Animation for: $3899.* You save $298.

If you have a working knowledge of Maya and have animated a bouncing ball or two, this discount is for you. Start with solidifying the fundamentals, tackle mechanics and end with a couple of solid acting shots.

Two Intermediate Animation and One Expert Animation: $3999*

Take two Intermediates and one Expert Workshop for: $3999.* You save $298. 

Want to master mechanics and sprinkle in some acting at the end? Then this promo is for you! Tackle two terms of solid mechanics and then learn proper acting methods in the Expert Workshop.


One Intermediate Animation and Two Expert Animation: $4099*

Take one Intermediate and two Expert Workshops for: $4099.* You save $298.

Start with a solid term of mechanics and then dive into two terms of acting shots. Master animation mechanics and then dive into some serious acting!




Workshops must be taken in succession, without breaks. Tuition must be paid in full. No refunds, can't be combined or interchanged with other discounts.

*plus Paypal fee, unless paid by check (US only)