Rules on use of Animsquad Rigs and Tools:

All Animsquad rigs and tools are copyrighted to Animsquad, LLC and are property of Animsquad, LLC. It's NOT allowed to use to them at any other company and/or school, university, college, private tutor (paid or unpaid) and/or for any other educational purposes (online or in-person). By "rigs and tools" is meant the Jack Rig Maya file, Michelle Rig Maya file, Jill Rig Maya file, Orc rig Maya file, ED405 rig Maya file, Body and Facial Pickers and the ANIM SHELF file. The rigs and tools are NOT to be used for personal and/or monetary gain. Permission for ANY use of the Animsquad rigs and tools outside the school must be requested through email to ""

When do I have to pay?

Our workshops typically sell out quick. Whoever pays the full tuition gets priority and his/her spot gets secured upon payment. Our advice is if you decided to take the workshop, then pay the tuition soon. That way you don't see your spot disappear.

When do I get the rigs?

Once you've paid the tuition, you get the rigs, tools, etc 30 days prior to the workshop start date.

Do I get to keep the rigs?

Yes, once the workshop wraps you keep the rigs. You can only use them for personal use. You can NOT use the rigs at other schools and/or commercial gain.

Whoever takes 3 workshops (any level and order), gets life time access to future rigs. EXCEPTION: Animation Begin I, Animation Polish and Animation 2D do not count towards future rig access).

Do I get access to future rigs?

Once you are ready to commit to one of our workshops, we will contact you. You'll be given clear instructions on how to pay the amount due to our account. We accept wire transfers, certified checks or Paypal. In some cases banks will charge fees for wire transfers or certified checks -- students are required to pay those fees.

How are payments processed?

Three hours of class critique time a week. Plus you have lifetime access to our Online Lecture Library.

How many hours per week do I get?

Each week all the students get together online or in-person with their tutor. Each student will show his or her work in progress and the tutor will critique it live. You can ask questions while the critique is happening. All the other students can watch each others critique. Each student will get an equal amount of critique time. The whole session gets recorded and can be downloaded once the workshop ends.

How exactly do the workshops work?

We offer in-person workshops in Hollywood, CA, online workshops and the On-Site workshops.

What kind of workshops do you offer?

How small is the class size?

The workshops allow up to 10 students. We feel that's the only way to ensure a productive environment.

Can I decide on what shots/assignments I animate?

Yes! Although we offer a curriculum, you can at any point suggest what you want to do in terms of shot ideas.

Will I be able to take my critique home?

Yes! At the in-person workshop we screen record any interaction you might have with the tutor, compress it into a Quicktime or Avi and load it up on your USB thumb stick.

Can I bring my Maya scene to the workshop?

Absolutely! We encourage you to bring the actual Maya file, so the tutor can take a look and troubleshoot any possible technical issues.

What animation package is required for the workshop?

We use the latest version Maya.

Will there be a forum for the students to chat, critique, etc ?

Yes, we host a closed Facebook group in which students can post work-in-progress for extra feedback.

What is your refund policy?

Please read our Terms and Conditions. It contains important information on our refund policy. 

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