As an Animsquad student you'll have access to a set of world-class tools.

Disney Tutors

Most of our tutors are active Disney animators who have worked on amazing films such as: Tangled, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, and more. They share a wealth of knowledge about Disney appeal and unforgettable animation performances.

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Available Rigs

Animate any of our characters such as Jill, Jack, Orc, ED-405, and the awesome Michelle rig (except Begin I). All of our rigs are feature film quality with excellent facial control and flawless IK/FK switching.

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Low Cost Tuition

Besides offering the best online teaching experience, we take pride in keeping tuition costs low, compared to other online schools. We maintain a high-level learning experience, providing excellent rigs and powerful animation tools.

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Class Meetings

You'll meet live online with your tutor and the rest of the class, once a week, for 3 hours. The tutor critiques each student's work, one by one. Students can ask questions, record critiques, and download locally to their computer. 

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Lecture Library

Animsquad has a powerful online lecture library filled with animation-related lectures (except Beginner I). Animsquad tutors add new lectures frequently. As an alumni you have lifetime access to new lectures.

Zoom Webinar Software

Zoom Webinar Software is HD and allows for a very smooth frame rate. Students and tutors absolutely rave about it's power and easy-to-use features. Every meeting is recorded in HD. Downloading is easy and convenient. You can watch the recording on any device.