As an Aminsquad student you'll have access to a set of world-class tools.

Disney Tutors

Most of our tutors are active Disney animators who have worked on amazing films such as: Tangled, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, and more. They share a wealth of knowledge about Disney appeal and unforgettable animation performances.

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Available Rigs

Animate any of our characters such as Jill, Jack, Orc, ED-405, and the awesome Michelle rig (except Begin I). All of our rigs are feature film quality with excellent facial control and flawless IK/FK switching.

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Low Cost Tuition

Besides offering the best online teaching experience, we take pride in keeping tuition costs low, compared to other online schools. We maintain a high-level learning experience, providing excellent rigs and powerful animation tools.

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Class Meetings

You'll meet live online with your tutor and the rest of the class, once a week, for 3 hours. The tutor critiques each student's work, one by one. Students can ask questions, record critiques, and download locally to their computer. 

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Lecture Library

Animsquad has a powerful online lecture library filled with animation-related lectures. Animsquad tutors add new lectures frequently. As an alumni you have lifetime access to new lectures.

Zoom Webinar Software

Zoom Webinar Software is HD and allows for a very smooth frame rate. Students and tutors absolutely rave about it's power and easy-to-use features. Every meeting is recorded in HD. Downloading is easy and convenient. You can watch the recording on any device.