Master Class: Animating a Quadruped

We're proud to present Matt Shumway, Animation Supervisor on "Life Of Pi", animating real-time through 7.5 hours of workflow demo. During the Masterclass Matt animates a tiger walking down a hill side, hops onto a large rock and lays down.

Matt's ability to tackle magnificent quadruped animation comes from years of working at the Oscar winning studio R&H. "Life Of Pi" is probably one of Matt's biggest achievements. Not only did the movie win an Oscar for Best VFX, but Matt himself won an Annie Award for his work on the tiger.

Matt starts from scratch and animates a cycle in place, showing all the tricks and things to look out for when animating a quadruped. The SECOND part of his workflow demo is creating a Maya Motion Path and applying the cycle to the motion path. After which he uses Maya's Time Warp demonstrating how you can easily retime the cycle and make it look like it's not a cycle looping over and over again, thus creating an organic looking tiger walking down a hillside and hopping on a rock.

The THIRD part Matt goes into keyframing the tiger stopping, lying down and going into a relaxing pose. This is where Matt kicks into high gear and reveals how to use video reference to add all the little nuances of the tiger motion. Paying great attention to where the weight is taken, what the paws do, how the shoulders roll, how the head behaves, eyes, tail, etc.

During the 7.5 hour Masterclass, Matt pulls out all the tips and tricks for animating a quadruped. Everything is real time, so you don't miss any steps! If you ever wondered how the best of the best in the industry tackle quadruped mechanics and behavior, this Masterclass won't disappoint and it's offered at less than two hundred dollars!

Master Class Fee: $199 (NO REFUNDS — please read the disclaimer at the bottom)
Download Size: 1.8GB


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