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2D Traditional Animation Workshop Syllabus:

Essentially we’re tackling 4 assignments: Bouncing Ball, Character Design, Walk cycle, and Pantomime. But it's very important that we will allow students, who have a bit of 2D experience, to “spice up” the assignments. For example, the bouncing ball: If you have no 2D experience, then we will have you do JUST the bouncing ball assignment. If you have SOME 2D experience, you can add a tail and maybe ears, to practice drag and overlap. And if you have a GOOD amount of 2D experience, we’ll let you add legs and a face to the ball. That way we can cater to different skills sets within the class.

Assignment 01: 
Weeks 1 - 2

  • Bouncing Ball

Assignment 02:
Weeks 3 - 4

  • Character Design

Assignment 03:
Weeks 5 - 8

  • Walk Cycle

Assignment 04:
Weeks 9 - 12

  • Pantomime

  • Week 01: Introduction. 2D software demonstration. 1st Assignment: Bouncing ball. Review principles of animation.

  • Week 02: 1st Assignment Critique: Bouncing Ball. Character Design lecture.

  • Week 03: 2nd Assignment Critique: Character Design.

  • Week 04: 2nd Assignment Critique: Character Design Finals.

  • Week 05: Walk Cycle and 3rd Assignment Demo/Lecture. Review fundamentals of walk cycles.

  • Week 06: 3rd Assignment Critique: Walk Cycle Blocking

  • Week 07: 3rd Assignment Critique: Walk Cycle Breakdowns

  • Week 08: 3rd Assignment Critique: Walk Cycle Finals. Pantomime Demo/Lecture. Review fundamentals of pantomime.

  • Week 09: 4th Assignment Critique: Pantomime.

  • Week 10: 4th Assignment Critique: Pantomime Breakdowns.

  • Week 11: 4th Assignment Critique: Pantomime Breakdowns.

  • Week 12: 4th Assignment Critique: Pantomime Finals.

Week-by-Week Breakdown:

Assignments difficulty levels:

Bouncing Ball

  • BEGINNER LEVEL: simple bouncing ball
  • INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: bouncing ball with tail & ears or hat
  • ADVANCED LEVEL: bouncing ball with legs and a face.

Character Design

  • BEGINNER LEVEL: simple character, no face, no clothes
  • INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: simple character, no face, can have some clothing and more defined hands & feet
  • ADVANCED LEVEL: character with face and clothing

Walk Cycle

  • BEGINNER LEVEL: simple vanilla walk, little personality
  • INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: simple personality walk
  • ADVANCED LEVEL: walk with lots of personality


  • BEGINNER LEVEL: 40 frame simple action
  • INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: 70 frame simple action
  • ADVANCED LEVEL: 120 frame simple action | could be a 2D pass of a 3D shot you will animate